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Sunday, 14 April 2013

5 health errors women should notice - Get Healthy fast

Washing tablets down with the wrong drink

Why it's bad: Taking tablets with grapefruit juice can improve the potency of some medicines, causing unpredictable unwanted side effects. Alcohol can heighten the results of sleeping tablets and cause stomach bleeding in those who take anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin.
Simple solution: Consultant pharmacist Nargis Ara says: "Look into the instructions and take medication in the correct time, with or without food. "Unless instructed otherwise, take medication with water."

Assuming salad is actually best

Why it's bad: "That 'healthy' menu options are often certainly not," says Laila Lewis, nutritional therapist. "Add-ons like sour cream, cheese, bacon and dressings like Caesar, can send calorie and fat content rocketing." One study found only six out of 270 salads bought from the high street at cafes and fast-food chains contained less salt when compared to a packet of crisps.
Simple solution: Request the dressing on the side then dip your fork inside it before eating the salad. "You get the flavor with fewer calories. Always aim to browse the best options online before you head to fast-food outlets and restaurants."

Skipping your breakfast

Why it's bad: One out of eight adults skips breakfast, despite studies showing they will not receive the health supplements they've missed later. Skipping breakfast might also cause you to be fatter, in accordance with a 2009 study published inside the journal Obesity.
Simple solution: "Keep a regular of foods for instance homegrown fruit, dried fruit and nuts, healthy cereal bars, cartons of fruit crush and slices of fruit bread to hand," advises Laila Lewis. "These foods are quick to seize and healthy to start."

Always choosing low-fat or 'lighter' options

Why it's bad: Many 'low-fat' foods contain added sugar to raise the flavor, explains nutritionist Zoe Harcombe, author of Why Do You Overeat? The sugar triggers an insulin release that makes your blood sugar levels drop which means you experience hunger.
Simple solution: You're best eating full-fat foods in smaller quantities as the harder to digest, therefore aiding you feel fuller for extended.

Saying no thank you to dairy

Why it's bad: "It is vital for girls to get enough calcium within their diet into their 20s and 30s when they can establish new calcium deposits," says nutritionist Fiona Hunter. "After this time, if you do not get enough calcium through your diet, your body will take it from bone deposits. This leads to serious medical problems like osteoporosis in later life."
Simple solution: It's important to eat more vegetables and canned fish with bones for example sardines — in addition to dairy foods.


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