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Friday, 5 April 2013

Be aware of bikini body basics - weight loss fast

Exercises for the right curves

 Whether in swimsuit or without, a body that may annihilate a bikini looks hot and feels hotter! We have the experts to show tips on how to sculpt yours...

Exercise regime for the best curves
Personal trainer Deanne Pandey suggests you initially determine into which category your whole body type falls.
 A: Stick - really thin
 B: Apple - Fat around the belly
 C: Pear - Heavy on the bottom

Deanne spells out the exercise regime per type. For that 'stick', she suggests more emphasis be given to weight lifting. "This types has to do a lot weight training to get the muscle fat."

 If you fall into B, she says, "They should workout extensively on the waist line by doing crunches and sit-ups. They could also join high intense sport like kick-boxing, swimming or squash.

 But for the pear-shaped, she recommends long cardio sessions and cardio. But don't expect ends in a flash, she warns. "One's body needs at the very least 11 weeks to indicate results. Quick-fixes may cause injuries."


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