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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Things that turn guys off - Love relationships

Girls don't feel uncomfortable when you are in some kind of problem with your boyfriend or your husband while you both are on bed so don't feel shy to ask and feel free to learn with my cute experiences, ;) Some women avoid communicating and expressing their feelings and thoughts. They expect men to see the minds of men and guess their thoughts, and that is not always possible. Then when they fail they get the snub for not playing the guessing game right. Few things are more annoying for guys then the woman who'll just not say what she would like but expect one to browse the 'signs'. Yet another thing that truly reaches men is a few women let's assume that men really know what they want these to do. Saying one thing and doing precisely the opposite just confuses things all the more for guys. So, get involved in it straight and just speak up, it leaves no room for miscommunication or misunderstandings.

Playing the My business is the superior card

Some women equate men with being dumb, everyone makes mistakes but there is however you should not constantly rub it in. It only enables you to a nag which enables it to be annoying.

Smothering you with excessive attention

Always remember your guy carries a mother then there is no need for someone to take on her shoes. While it's okay to comfort and grow there for him, don't treat him such as a child and smother to such an extent so it starts bugging him.

Sharing an excessive amount information

Males are not always comfortable dealing with their problems, unlike some girls that would get a little obsessive sharing every minute detail with everyone on the horizon. Figure out how to exercise caution, , nor overshare. Learn to keep things to yourself on occasion, especially something that's distributed to you in camera. It'll build trust and as well encourage the guy to spread out up more. Also, in case you have got to find out the guy, you shouldn't have to express every little detail with him. Discover how to keep somethings to yourself and share only what's necessary.

Planning future way in advance

Figure out how to sleep in the second, and while planning where to start on the birthday is okay, planning what you should waste your 50th anniv as long as you're still dating will freak the guy out. Figure out how to take small steps and relish the moment rather that fastfoward with an over active imagination, leaving your spouse confused and spooked.


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