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Friday, 5 April 2013

7 sources of vitamin D - Diet Tips

We list foods which have been an excellent source vitamin D


Salmon is known to be full of fat content, thus becoming an excellent method to obtain vitamin D. One serving of salmon gives you your recommended vitamin D intake. Together with salmon, tuna, catfish and mackerel will also be some selections for vitamin D.


Milk is also high in vitamin D. A single glass of vitamin D will provide you up to quarter on recommended vitamin D.


Many cereals can also be fortified with vitamin D. Before collecting a cereal box, make sure to read the nutritional information to be assured with a higher level vitamin D.


The yolk is claimed to become loaded with vitamin D. Though the whole egg does not contain vitamin D, still you need to possess the whole egg.

Orange juice

Along with milk and cereal, orange juice is usually fortified. One glass of orange juice daily provides you with a good dose of vitamin D.


Mushrooms have a significant quantity of vitamin D. Just how much varies based on its type or varieties. Shitake mushrooms are viewed as to become among the best types of vitamin D.


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