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Thursday, 4 April 2013

6 simple Yoga stretches for a good posture

Good posture goes past sitting upright straight. Slouching over a key pad all day long creates a series reaction throughout your whole body that may lead to shoulder, neck and back pain. Not pretty.

 Here are six simple stretches that you can do to boost your posture. Good posture means a healthy body.

 Sitting is part of our own every day, whether or not we lead a dynamic lifestyle. Sitting isn't just an undesirable thing, but extended periods of sitting and deficit of stretching could cause postural problems. Regular stretching can address these specific postural imbalances. Do these stretches within the prescribed order every single day for just a great pain-free body.

Relax a corner: Lie lying on your back, knees bent at 90 degrees, placing your calves for the seat of your chair. Straighten your arms out of your shoulders with all your palms up. Relax, breathing deeply, letting your mid back settle in to the floor. Retain the position for 5 minutes.

Stretch belly: Relax in the 'relax the rear' position. Lace your fingers, palms together, using your arms extended above your chest toward the ceiling. Extend your arms, keeping your elbows straight, too deep on the floor behind you. Repeat 30 times which has a steady, controlled movement.

Back-friendly crunches: Lie lying on your back with your feet within the wall along with your knees bent below 90 degrees (glutes should only actually cover 4 to 6 inches from wall and knees almost touching chest). Lace your fingers behind the head to aid your neck. Keep your elbows back acquire the best for the ceiling. Exhale as you make use of abdominal to lift your shoulders, elbows and head off the floor, then lower. Be sure you don't pull on your own head using your hands. Repeat for just two teams of 30 reps.

Kneeling hip-flexor stretch: Kneel (preferably with a padded floor). Bring your right knee in a 90 degree angle and push your left leg back it's the same at an angle the place you feel stretch in the front of one's hip. Keep your legs parallel together and your hands with your right knee and let your hips sink forward to the ground, keeping your torso straight. Will not lean forward. Hold for 1 minute and switch legs.

Supine hip-flexor stretch: Lie on your back together with your right leg bent and using a chair with a 90 degree angle. Place your left leg straight on to the ground, keeping your toes pointed up which means your knee and foot tend not to straighten. Place your arms straight rid of the shoulders using your palms up. Breathe deeply and relax one's body. Be in this location for ten minutes, then repeat on opposite side.

Airbench: Sit from the wall along with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent at 90 degrees, heels straight under or slightly in-front (not behind) of this knees. Keep feet pointing straight ahead, push your spine into wall and keep pressure on heels. Press shoulders back, keeping your face up, and relax your shoulders, neck, arms and hands. Hold for 90 seconds.


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