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Monday, 27 May 2013

5 exercises to look fab in that little black dress ;) - Tips for weight loose fast

Fitting well in the little black dress is every girl's dream to look fab and attracted, even it was my dream though and i have accomplished with hard workouts and daily diet now i am letting you know  ;) all you've got to accomplish is to lose fats in those undesirable areas, develop lean muscles with a total body workouts and you'll totally rock your favorite dress. We provide you with simple in your own home exercises that won't take a lot of your efforts...

Which has a sexy butt

Get one of these 1 leg raise-prone over stability ball

 - Lie in your left side on the stability ball, your legs has to be extended straight out and feet stacked.

 - Position your left hand in the comfortable just right the ball, and raise your hips which means your body forms a straight line

 - Keeping one's body as position, slowly lift up your right leg.

 - Pause, and slowly get back to start.

Show off some Shoulder- Clean & press with Dumbbell to sculpt shoulders

 - Hold some dumbbells below the knees.

 - Pull the dumbbells up and "catch" them at shoulder height.

 - Press them overhead, keeping your knees slightly bent. Go back to the starting position.

Tone those thighs

 - Nothing can beat ancient Squats for strong legs

 - Stand with feet hip distance apart along with your toes, knees and hips within a straight line.

 - Slowly contract your ab muscles.

 - Slowly reduce your body

 If you can, go lower the small sum of it is possible to until your butt is line together with your knees Keeping the load as part of your heels, slowly push your system back to starting position.

 - Repeat but rest between sets.

Strong Leg muscles look great within an LBD

 A terrific workout will be the standing Calf raise

 - Stand on the extra edge of an step.

 - Stand tall with stomach in, the balls of this feet firmly for the step.

 - Rest the hands against a wall

 - Lift up your heels some inches above the extra edge with the heart.} step making sure that you're on the tiptoes.

 - Contain the position as it were, after which it lower your heels below the platform, feeling a stretch as part of your leg muscles.

Finally, the Sexy abs

 Prone plank & side plank for the toned and flat belly.

Prone plank :

 - Lie on the stomach and place your elbows beneath your shoulders.

 - Bend your knees and support your weight on your own forearms and knees.

 - Tuck your stomach muscles up toward your back and tighten your buttocks.

 - Push up through the shoulders and lift your hips which means that your body creates a straight line from the knees to your head. Hold and repeat

Side plank:

 - Lie in your corner and support excess fat to the side of your foot and elbow.

 - Down through your shoulder, tuck your abdominals in toward your back and tighten your buttocks.

 - Raise the hips simply put body produces a straight line.

 - Hold and repeat

Please Share your comments i would like to hear from you guys chiao !


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