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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Foods That can Prevent Breast Cancer - Get healthy fast

Today i have been surfing when i got a very alarming news about breast cancer which is developing sickness in women very fast and The WHO has predicted that by 2020 how many breast cancers cases will jump with an alarming figure and one out of eight women would risk developing the sickness in her own lifetime.

Even The Indian Council of Medical Research too, concluded that over the last 20 years there has been a steep boost in facts pertaining to women being clinically determined to have cancer of the breast. So grave may be the scenario that in India, breast cancers has been declared the most frequent way of cancer, almost surpassing cervical cancer because deadliest of all cancers. Early detection and regular medical checkups are compulsory, but at the same time it's important which our diet and the food we eat prepare us to fight malignant cancer cells in the onset.

A very senior clinical nutritionist & coordinator of FMRI Metropolis Healthcare, gave a look in the top foods which could prevent cancer of the breast risk in women. The doctors discuss age groups most at risk of the illness and as well inform us around the foods to be avoided in daily diet to hold cancer cell rise in check.

There are list of food which can prevent Breast Cancer


You can find flax either as whole seed, ground or flaxseed oil. The omega, lignans and fibre found in flaxseed are found to form a protective shield against cancer cells in charge of causing cancer of the breast. Include flax to yogurt or even a smoothie to produce a richer and nutty flavour. You can flaxseed oil to salad dressings too or integrate them into baked goods, for instance cookies or muffins.

Brazil nuts

Uniquely abundant in selenium, fibre, and phytochemicals, Brazil nuts will help fight inflammation, improve disease fighting capability and forestall tumour growth. And also you do not require many a palmful are capable of doing the secret. Enjoy them every other nut either with fruits or asparagus contains the anti-cancer component, chlorophyll.


Rich supply of cancer-fighting compound called allium, garlic and it is relatives (onion, leeks, scallions, and chives) are shown to slow tumour growth and prevent breast cancers risk among other forms of cancer for instance colorectal and prostate cancers. Garlic and onions are located in several foods including Italian, Spanish, Indian, Thai and Chinese dishes. Crush or swallow some garlic every morning and that's all it takes to reside in a cancer-free life!


This can be recommended for preventing breast cancer. Its content has polyphenol- an ellagic acid with anti-oxidant properties that prevent cancer growth. Include this delicious fruit in your diet and discover effective health improvements.

Dark-leafy green vegetables

From kale, collards to spinach and Swiss chard, dark-green vegetables probably are thought a one-stop shop" for those best nutrients your body needs to fight cancerous cells, i.e. fibre, b vitamin, phytochemicals, chlorophyll and more. You're ready to then add greens for a diet.


A terrific method of obtaining omega-3s and vitamins B12 and D, salmon can supply the body using the nutrients it has to regulate cell growth and prevent cancer. In point of fact, some types of Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) are proven beneficial in cancer treatment. Steam it, bake it, grill it or saute it. This fish is a great option and pairs well with lots of foods like garlic, dark-leafy green vegetables, turmeric, peppers and broccoli.

Broccoli and broccoli sprouts

 To be a cruciferous (belonging to the plant family Cruciferae) vegetable along with cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale; broccoli is full of sulforophane and indoles, which might be shown to regulate cell growth in multiple ways and help fight a selection of cancers, including breast, bladder, lymphoma, prostate and cancer of the lung.

Green tea leaf

Consumption frequently continues to be connected to lower incidence of breast cancer. The phyto-chemicals in teas can well grab the credit due to the many benefits. 1 or 2 glasses of green tea herb daily will let you keep cancer away.


Decide on a pepper, any pepper! Most involve some phytochemical or nutrient that will assist fight cancer. Chilli and jalapeno peppers have capsaicin (a lively element of chilli peppers) that fight the growth rate of cancer cells. Green peppers are full of chlorophyll which could bind cancer-causing carcinogens found in the gut. Red peppers have both capsaicin and antioxidant carotenoids. Put them in a vegetable stir-fry or eat them hummus.


 A spice commonly found in our country cancer-fighting compound called curcumin can inhibit a number of cancer cells, including breast, gastrointestinal, lung, and skin cancer. A pinch of turmeric fights toughest of cancer-causing cells.

Other breast-cancer-fighting-foods are


Rich in omega-3-fat, natural phytosterols and antioxidants, walnuts make for a great anti-cancer of the breast food.


All berries are rich reasons for antioxidants and phytochemicals which be involved in reducing oxidation and cancer cell formation systems. Then add activity blueberries to your morning cereal, put a few raspberries in plain yogurt to get a snack, or enjoy strawberries which has a section of chocolate brown with an evening snack.

Whole grains

Rich in fibre, essential vitamins and minerals; choose grain for instance quinoa, barley, oats, amaranth, brown rice, and wheat grains over their refined, white counterparts. Heat them in the morning with a few milk and cinnamon and still have it as being a warm cereal, or make a side order out of it by boiling and simmering it for half an hour for dinner.


Lentils and beans contain folate (pteroylglutamic acid), fibre and also a host of nutrients that prevent cancer risk.

Age-groups with the highest risk of cancer of the breast

They explains that breast cancers is more uncommon for a young age 30s, but young women generally have more aggressive breast cancers than older women. This may explain why survival rates are lower among young women. According to the American Cancer Society, 95 percent of the latest cases and 97 percent of cancer of the breast deaths happened in women aged 40 years or higher.

Say no to

Alcohol even moderate intake can up cancer risk

Refined carbohydrates comprise flour and added sugar

Low fat and low carb snacks candies, cakes, chips, soda

Red meat beef, pork, mutton, grilled meat creates compounds called heterocyclic amines linked with cancer of the breast risk

Avoid foods that incorporate saturated and trans fats appears to be seen in deep-fried food

Best diet formula

Lead proper and disease-resistant life that has a diet full of vegetables and fruit, cereals, lean animal products.

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